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SaaS. E-commerce. Appstore.

You run your business on modern rails. It's time for your bank to be the same.

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Your all-in-one Account

Integrate the rest of your business tools to power a new world of business banking.

Powering real-time insights

For more than just checking transactions. Get real-time financial insights.

Subscription business?

Fostrum comes native with metrics & analytics for the subscription economy.

Keep equity, keep growing

Investor pitches? Not here.

Let your data speak for you & access non-dilutive financing.

Powering data-driven financing

For more than just holding money. A few clicks to unlock hidden credit potential in your business.

Accounts come standard with

FDIC insured deposit account

Insured up to $250K.

Virtual & physical debit cards

Visa debit cards for the entire team.

Why Fostrum?

Smarter, data-driven banking. We look to the future rather than the past to provide you with new banking solutions.

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