Digital Revenue Securitization

An innovative investment vehicle fundamentally changing the way capital moves and behaves for a world of seamless capital engagement.

The Future of Finance

Digitial revenue securitization allows ventures to easily sell off portions of their revenue for capital, creating a unique and highly liquid investment vehicle intrinsically linked to the health of the venture.

Alternative Finance


Predictive Analytics

Secondary Markets

What is Revenue Financing?

Revenue financing is a form of financing where an investor lends money to a business against a portion of its future revenue streams.

Investors are repaid via royalties, a regular stream of payments that are typically based on a percentage of the company’s revenue.

Our platform issues Revenue Tokens to investors which represent their stake in the business' revenue stream.

How does this benefit you?

We’ve got everything you need to grow your business


Easy and Flexible Financing

Easy application process and flexible financing. No fixed payments, payments are proptotional to your revenue.

Non Restrictive

No personal guarantees or restrictive terms unlike taking loans from banking institutions.

Tax Advantage

Royalty payments can be treated like business expenses unlike loans, thereby reducing taxes and helping your business to grow.


Higher Returns and Income Investing

Get higher returns investing in alternative asset classes but also take advantage of monthly income.

Access to Emerging Alternative Investments

Get access to a variety of different kinds of business and projects which are which are restricted mostly to financial institutions.

Highly Secure and Liquid

Tokens representing your revenue-stream investments are issued on the blockchain so you can track and build a portfolio. Fostrum will be building a secondary market where the Royalty Tokens will be tradeable making them highly liquid.

How can I get started?

We will be launching our platform in Summer 2018! Stay tuned!

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