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Modern cash management for small businesses, startups and freelancers.

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Rebuilt from the Transaction up

Combine categorized transactions with dynamic and intuitive search for better expense management.

Say good-bye to scouring endless PDF statements to find transactions.

Interactive Budgets & Goals

Bring performance insights and budgeting directly into your banking app.

Keep a finger on the pulse of your business and get important metrics in a single glance.

Cashflow Insights & Scenarios

Automated insights & forecasting to better visualize & manage your cashflow - no more endless hours in excel.

Run “what-if” scenarios for a visual breakdown of how future changes can impact your cashflow.

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Invoicing & Bill Payments

Issue digital invoices, accept payments and pay bills all from a single application.

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Interest Accounts & Corporate Cards

Virtual & physical cards with dynamic limits & controls to enhance your spending.

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Flexible Financing Solutions

Invoice factoring, revenue-finance and other flexible solutions tailored to your needs.

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