From data to insights, providing financial visibility into modern startups.

Our cloud-based engine provides early-stage investors and institutions with powerful financial data about startups & real-time financial analytics.

Take a look inside a startup's financial data

Modern Startups generate billions of pieces of data that we can pull together & process in seconds, granting greater visibility and insight into a Startup's health at the fingertips of investors.

Financial - 360

As the global digital transformation sparks an age of Big Data, startups are the driving force in igniting innovation, generating multitudes of financial and business data points. We are transforming the information generated by these startups towards providing greater visibility, transparency and valuable insights.

Real-time Metrics & Reporting

We have built a next generation financial software to seamlessly allow startups to aggregate financial data from various sources.

Investment Analytics

Our proprietary intelligent analytics software allows investors to forecast and see different scenarios.